Answers to the frequently asked questions

How to discover my finger size / How to secretly discover the size of girlfriend's finger?
The most reliable way to discover the size of a finger is to visit the nearest jewelry store, where your size will be measured for free. Better not to make measurements of cold hands, first warm them up.

If you want to make a surprize for somebody, you should "borrow" their ring and take it to the jewelry store for measurement.

If you have decided to make measurements at home with methods, found on the internet, be careful: error of 2mm can make a ring too loose. It is extremely difficult to lessen the ring, so please take the problem of measurement very seriously.
How much time does production take?
For all products the manufacturing time is from 7 to 14 days, until stated otherwise in the description
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All about delivery
Clients from Moscow can pick up orders for free from our workshop (Taganskaya station). The precise instructions on "where to find us" you can find on the page "Contacts". Note that you can pick up your order only under preliminary agreement: when your order will be ready, our administrator will contact you via email and suggest possible time, when you can pick up your order.
For clients from other cities we have an option of postal delivery. Postal delivery across Russia costs 4 euro, worldwide postal delivery costs 7 euro. We ship items only after receiving full payment both for the product and delivery. After sending item to the postal service, we will send you tracking information so that you will be able to track your package.
We can send your parcel with fast EMS shipping (28€).
In case package gets lost, we will fill the forms to find it. But during our 4 years of experience there were no such cases. However, if you will become that first unlucky one, we will make a refund or redo your order.
All about payments
After you placed your order, our administrator will contact you and after clarification of all the details (if necessary) suggest possible payment options.
Prepayment is obligatory and constitutes to the 100% of the total sum.
We start preparing your order only after prepayment.
We accept prepayments in the form of direct bank money transfer (USD/EUR) or crypto transfers (BTC/ETH).
What should I do if I'm allergic to silver?
If you cannot wear silver, in the comment to your order specify, that you need rhodium plating.
It is white metal — a member of platinum group, which is prone to oxidation and erosion. Silver and "white" gold jewelry is plated with rhodium in most jewelry stores (for additional shine).

But be aware, that after rhodium plating all blackening will be destroyed: engravings will be lightened and there will be no blacking in cavities.

Rhodium plating costs 6 euro, inform us if you need this option in comments to your order.
What should I do if my silver ring goes black?
The reason of silver oxidation is sulfur. It is contained in various chemicals, eggs, air etc. But it does not imply that your ring will definitely turn black. In usual circumstances it will happen only after 50 years.
Then why for some people this process goes faster?
One frequent reason for that is sweat, which, apart from salines, contains amino acids, which in turn contain sulfur. The contact with sulfur-containing chemicals oxidates silver metal. If you have extra sweat production or exercise a lot, it is likely that your silver jewelry will blacken faster. In the first case we suggest rhodium plating (specify it in the comment to order), in the second case we suggest to take jewelry off when exercising.
Here we also answer the common question: "Usually my silver rings, brought in jewelry stores, do not turn black, why?". This is because silver jewels from stores are always(!) plated with rhodium, which is an non-oxidizable platinoid Also we suggest to take off rings when working with chemicals, because they can unpredictably affect your ring if contacted with.
There are plenty of instruction in the internet on how to shine silver, but if you are afraid to do it by yourself — you can bring it to us or any other jewelers.
What to do if the ring does not fit?
Before shipping we check the size of the ring on special equipment, so the error is very small. But maybe you have measured your finger size with some internet method at home? In such cases we can change the size of the ring for 5-10 euro (depends on whether there were plating or a stone). Also you can visit your local jeweler if you don't want to wait or pay for shipping.
What to do if I have broken or lost jewel or I want to renew plating or polishing?
If our product was broken because of some production defect, we will of course fix it for free. But if you tried to open a beer bottle with thin ring or smth similar — do not be offended, but this can be revealed instantly and the price of repair will be discussed individually (usually 5 euro).
Renew rhodium or gold plating: 5 euro *
Renew polishing or oxidation: 3 euro
*price of some engagement rings includes additional plating, if specified in the product description
Can I order something not listed in catalogue? Something based on my own idea? How much will it cost? Can I add additional engravings?
We almost always agree on experiments like "Can you add stones here and three engravings there". Such orders are discussed individually via email.
But we rarely take custom projects and we never agree to reproduce somebody's works. If you think that your idea is similar to our style — email us <3
Additional engravings can be added on any ring, it will cost about 15 euro