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How to place an order
Select the product and the size etc.
To order a product, select it in the Catalog section, add the product to the shopping cart and place an order. We will start manufacturing immediately after payment. Please note that the products are manufactured within 10-14 days.
When your order is ready, we will send you photos of your pieces and a track number, shipping available worldwide (excluding some countries). Store pickup only available in Moscow, Russia.
we will produce your order within 10-14 days
Place an order, wait for the payment info via email
track your shipment online
If you don't want to wait— you can visit one of our offline stores. Please note that stores do not offer the full range of our products.
often asked questions
How to determine the size of a finger?
The most reliable way to find out your finger size is to go to any jewelry store, where you will be measured for free. We'll advise not to take measurements on cold hands, first let them come to a normal state at room temperature.

If you want to make a surprise for someon, you need to "steal" a ring from the that person and take it to jewelry store for measuring.
Or you can use home methods, but be careful, because even the small error in the measurement and the ring will fly off your finger. If you make a mistake with the size - resizing is possible with additional fee at our workshop in Moscow, Russia (delivery fees are on you).
What are the production dates?
What should I do if I need the ring tomorrow?
The production time for all products is 10 to 14 days (except for certificates and other merchandise).
If you can't wait 10-14 days - here you can choose an offline store location and buy something offline.
How can I pay for the order?
Payment methods available for non russian citizens are bank transfer (in EUR or USD) and cryptocurrency. For transfer details we will contact you after ordering via e-mail.
Is it possible to personalize the ordered product?
We do not manufacture custom products. But you can add an engraving to almost all of our jewelry, the cost starting from 10 EUR.
What should I do if the ring didn't fit?
Before sending the products, we always check the size on a special measuring tool. But if there was a mistake made - service of changing the size of rings starts from 10 EUR.
What should I do if I damaged the product?
If the product is broken due to manufacturing defects, then we will fix it for free (please mind that our workshop is located in Moscow, Russia so if you want us to repair something - it's not very convinient because of shipping times, please wear your pieces carefully). But if the product was subjected to mechanical stress and broke (lost its original appearance), in this case the price for repair is discussed individually (starts from 10 EUR).
I want to order products in bulk or take them for shooting. How to do it?
Write to our administrator at Telegram — @admkatesnap, to discuss the terms of cooperation.
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