Christmas toys

Soviet New Year's toys in miniature. Capsule, seasonal (available for order until December 15th) collection of nostalgic jewelry. There are 4 models for you to choose from: ball, icicle, cone and hut. They are made with a glossy finish and blackening in the recesses.
Ball dimensions 21 x 13 mm, weight 8 g
Icicle dimensions 20 x 6 mm, weight 2 g
Cone dimensions 20 x 7 mm, weight 4 g
Dimensions of the hut 21 x 17 mm, weight 10 g
We can make a pendant or earring for your choice, please note that the ball and the hut are quite heavy and such products as earrings are not suitable for everyone.
The pendant option comes with a 50 cm chain.
The earring option comes with a round congo earring. Earrings are sold one piece at a time; if you want a set, you need to add the item to your cart twice. You can choose an asymmetrical pair.
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